Company Spotlight

For over ninety years, businesses have relied on 28Frieght to transport their most mission critical shipments. We have made it our business to provide our clients with secure, tracked and compliant logistic services, all with a smile.
We suppose that’s why we measure the length of our business relationships in decades, not years. A fact we both take pride in and are immeasurably grateful for.
The mission of 28Freight is to provide you with increased productivity, backed by a resilient and robust infrastructure that will get your products from points A to B in the fastest and most secure way possible.
While we may have been around for nearly a century, don’t let our age fool you. 28Freight and its subsidiaries, Marks Logistics and TruckCourier,
have consistently sought to adapt to an ever changing landscape. Providing our clients with the technologies and strategies to keep them on the cutting edge. Proactively using our experience and innovation to increase compliance, confidence and competence.
28Freight - when every minute matters.