TrucBrush Corporation

Company Description
TrucBrush Corporation manufactures and sells its patented mobile device TrucBrush, which effectively clears snow from truck, trailer and bus rooftops in less than a minute.  TrucBrush allows companies to meet state transportation regulations and OSHA guidelines. It improves operations with faster fleet deployment and also allows snow service vendors to perform TrucBrush services.  
Benefits of TrucBrush include:
• Safety: Eliminates the need for any employee or vendor to be near the top of truck, and the polypropylene bristles are safer for the truck/trailer rooftop.
• Fast: powerful hydraulic system with dual rotational operation and polypropylene bristles provide superior casting distance (clears a trailer less than a minute!
• Flexible & Effective: easily accommodates any truck, trailer or bus height for faster deployment and clears snow and icy debris from entire rooftop
• Mobile: easy assembly, easy storage, multi-seasonal use
Rent, buy or have a snow service vendor provide TrucBrush services.
TrucBrush Corporation joins the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE) Circle of Excellence, class of 2016, as the winner of the ‘Rising Star’ Innovation Award.  The company was recognized for its patented mobile device called TrucBrush and service methodology to clear snow off truck, trailer, bus and container rooftops prior to transit.  In June of 2016, TrucBrush Corporation received the Snow Industry Commitment award for innovation, outstanding support and customer service from the national Snow & Ice Management Association.
For more info: Visit TrucBrush at ; Twitter: @trucbrush  or call 877-783-0237
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